Andy Balbirnie’s nothing shot leads to James Vince’s Dhoni moment


In the 2009 Champions Trophy, we saw Dhoni celebrate like never before after dismissing Travis Dowlin from Windies. It was one of the hardest dismissals from his side. Recently, James Vince had a similar moment when he dismissed Andy Balbirnie.

Eoin Morgan made James Vince bowl extended spell in the pre-series warm-up game. However, this reaped rich dividends as the game-time struck. James Vince came into the attack after another Ireland top-order collapse. In his eighth ball only, he struck gold.

It was the second delivery of the fifteenth over when he bowled a short ball. He had bowled it well wide off to Andy Balbirnie, the Ireland skipper. Andy was getting ready for a pull. But at the very last moment, he thought of checking the shot and let it go through instead of pulling it. He failed to drag the bat completely well in time and the ball hit the face of the bat. Jonny Bairstow would never let an opportunity like his pass away.

Twitter reacted to this incident quite heavily:

Honestly what’s the point in playing Ireland think there’s a few club teams that might do a better job

James Vince inducing a nick to the keeper is just poetic

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