Virat on why during an ODI against Bangladesh he kept wickets


Virat Kohli has been one of the finest batsmen in world cricket. He is amongst the very few batsmen who can cope up with any situation on the field. He even is a great fielder which supports the team in a favorable manner.

Ever since he has become a captain, he has only improved on how to help his team and be a good captain. It would be astonishing for many to know that he once kept wickets in an ODI game against Bangladesh in 2015.

It was the 44th over of Bangladesh’s innings when Dhoni had to answer the nature’s call, he asked Kohli to keep wickets. He returned on the field in the 45th over and resumed his duties and Kohli went back to his fielding position.

Kohli spilled the beans on Mayank Agarwal’s talk show, ‘Open Nets with Mayank’ which was uploaded on BCCI’s official website. Mayank displayed a picture to Kohli where he was keeping wickets and asked him, “How did this occur?” Kohli replied, “Kabhi Mahi bhai se puchiyo how did this occur.” He mentioned ‘yaar do teen over simply hold wickets’.

Kohli complimented Dhoni  saying,“Then I understood he has loads on his plate when he’s on the sector as a result of which he has to deal with each ball and likewise modify the sector.”

Kohli also expressed his views on a Test match draw. He said, for him, there is no possibility for a draw. He would always attempt to win the game.

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